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Senior Leadeship

As a recognized leader, Saulsbury Industries is dedicated to retaining top individuals who believe they can constantly redefine the boundaries of the industry. The management team at Saulsbury Industries is a talented group committed to providing our company with the leadership required to ensure positive strides into the future. Our management team combines experience, profound knowledge, and professionalism that continuously exceed the expectations of our customers and employees.

Executive Leadership | Senior Leadership

  • Jim Lemarr

    Jim LeMarr, P.E.

    Senior Vice President

  • John Shefchik

    John Shefchik, P.E.

    Vice President/General Manager

  • John Higgins

    John Higgins

    Vice President
    Safety and Quality

  • Christopher Long

    Christopher Long

    Vice President
    Construction Services

  • Jeremy Nelson

    Jeremy Nelson

    Vice President
    Construction Services

  • Sean Trotter

    Sean Trotter, P.E.

    Vice President

  • Jim Werner

    Jim Werner

    Vice President
    Technical Services