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The Saulsbury Story

In 1961, Dick and Amelia Saulsbury left their South Arkansas home to join the booming oil industry of West Texas. After a number of years working as an electrician and eventually starting an electrical construction company with two partners, Dick decided to branch out on his own and started Saulsbury Electric Company in 1967 in Odessa, Texas.

Armed with a solid foundation of core values and an exceptional work ethic, Dick led Saulsbury Electric to become the foremost electrical contractor in the Permian Basin. His commitment to being the best in the industry drove him to deliver safe and high-quality projects for clients across the nation. From the beginning, Dick’s ceaseless dedication to hard work helped shape his reputation of integrity, excellence, and getting the job done right.

While the business continued to grow, Dick’s entrepreneurial spirit drove him to expand his services and establish Saulcon General Construction in 1980. The creation of Saulcon and subsequent partnership with Saulsbury Electric made this new powerhouse the only organization in the Permian Basin to offer turnkey construction services that included civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical and instrumentation.

The organization grew at a breakneck pace over the next decade. When the market shifted towards more engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects in the ‘90s, Dick and his team adapted and added Saulsbury Engineering in 1994. At that point, Saulsbury was a full-service EPC firm that supported engineering and construction projects for oil and gas, as well as other industries.

Over the next 25 years, Saulsbury grew by taking on larger projects, adding additional services, entering new markets, and opening new offices across the country. In 2012, the three companies merged to form Saulsbury Industries.

From Saulsbury’s humble beginnings over 53 years ago with Dick and his one employee, our organization has evolved into a premier nationwide EPC company with peak manpower of 5,000 employees. The cornerstone of our success remains Dick’s simple philosophy of doing the right thing and adhering to our five core values: safety, integrity, excellence, relationships, and community. Today the Saulsbury Team serves as stewards of his legacy, ready to continue exceeding expectations and elevating quality project delivery for another 50 years.

The Saulsbury Family, January 2020


C.R. “Dick” Saulsbury Sr. establishes Saulsbury Electric


Saulcon is established as a general contractor


Saulsbury Engineering & Construction Inc. is established


Farmington, New Mexico office opens


Houston sales office opens


Independent Board of Directors is formed

Port Arthur, Texas office opens


New corporate office building in Odessa opens


Houston office expands to provide engineering services


Saulsbury Industries forms from merger of businesses

Dallas office opens


Field Services division is added


Fabrication facility in Henderson, Texas is expanded

Engineering office in Abilene opens

Saulsbury expands to the Rocky Mountain region


Tulsa office opens

New Support Services building in Odessa opens


Saulsbury Industries celebrates 50 years of operation


Milliken, Colorado and Casper, Wyoming offices open to support growth of field services


Offices open in Pecos, Texas and Bismarck, North Dakota to support continued expansion of EPC and field service operations

Meet our Leadership

Executive Leadership

Over 200 years of combined experience guide our day-to-day operations. Our Executive Leadership Team draws from their vast industry knowledge and dedication to Saulsbury’s core values to motivate and inspire the 1,500+ employees aimed at delivering excellent service to our clients.

Senior Leadership

Our senior leadership team is committed to delivering the best results for customers and empowering employees each and every day.

Board of Directors

Since forming in 2009, the Saulsbury Board of Directors brings a diverse range of experience and perspective to develop and guide our strategic direction. 

Our Core Values


The safety of our employees, clients, and partners is our top core value. Our goal every day is to send employees home to their families in the same condition they arrived to work.


Honesty, integrity, and accountability are at the heart of everything we say and do. We always do the right thing.


Only the highest level of quality and performance is acceptable. We provide unsurpassed value at all times to guarantee client satisfaction.


We take great pride in creating positive, lasting relationships with clients, employees, and partners.


We believe it is our privilege and responsibility to support the communities where we live and work. We are committed to the success and sustainability of our communities.


With an emphasis on projects across the energy value chain, we provide services to customers in varying sectors in the U.S. Through support from our corporate and field offices, Saulsbury brings operational excellence and the same focus on safety to each project we service. The industries and segments we support most frequently include:

  • Oil and Gas
    • Compression
    • Terminals
    • Pump stations
    • Pipelines
    • Tank batteries
    • Slug catchers
  • Gas processing and treatment
    • Dehydration
    • Amine
    • Nitrogen rejection units
    • Cryogenic gas plants
    • Air separation units
    • Ammonia plants
  • Refining and petrochemical
  • Environmental and renewable
  • Agricultural and food processing
  • Mining and minerals
  • CO2
  • Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, and Fertilizers
  • Water Treatment
  • LNG
  • Power

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As a leader in engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services, specializing in exceptionally safe projects on accelerated timetables, Saulsbury brings the best practices and operational excellence to customers each day. We support projects in various industries through work in the following services:

  • Engineering
  • General Construction
  • Electrical and Instrumentation
  • Field Services
  • Fabrication and Modules
  • Insulation and Scaffolding


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