Why Saulsbury

For over 50 years our dedication to HSE best practices has driven our work and empowers each employee to perform to the highest level of safety and quality. In 2018, Saulsbury performed over 11,000,000 work hours with a 0.20 recordable incident rate.

“At Saulsbury Industries, employee safety is a core value and an integral part of our culture. Our employees are our most important assets, and we do everything possible to safeguard them and our clients employees at all times. Our employees, management and leadership are engaged in safety every single day.”  Chat York, Chief Executive Officer

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At Saulsbury, safety is an integral part of everything we do during the course of a given day.  Each day begins with a safety moment and in most cases, the discussion is led by a non-supervisory worker.  The result is a more dependable workforce that is continuously identifying areas of potential improvement.  Additionally, our clients benefit from:

  • Best Practices – Our Company’s safe work systems are the result of successful tried and tested procedures from across the construction industry.
  • Reduced costs – Our extensive safety program reduces customers’ labor costs and the expense of supervising & auditing their contractors’ safety practices.
  • Improved compliance – Clients more easily comply with OSHA’s Process Safety Management procedures (as well as other compliance standards).
  • Peace of mind – Be confident knowing a capable, safety-focused contractor utilizing only the best-trained and committed personnel is on the job.


Safety is the responsibility of every person at Saulsbury.  Our goal is to complete each task, each day incident free.  Every member of our team has both the right, responsibility and most importantly the obligation to stop any activity that could put anyone at undue risk.  We are our brothers’ keeper and they are ours.


The construction industry historically has not been a leader in environmental stewardship.  We strive every day to reduce or eliminate the adverse impact of our operations on the environment in which we work.  Our extensive Environmental Protection procedures ensure a keen focus on controlling these risks – from minimizing and/or eliminating waste to effective management practices.

ISNetworld Partnership

As part of our “Safety First and Foremost” commitment, Saulsbury utilizes ISNetworld and its safety prequalification systems to thoroughly evaluate our subcontractors. We take pride in developing safe worksites and maintaining a best-in-class safety rating, and through using ISNetworld, Saulsbury is not only able to provide clients with the top subcontractors but also select teams that value our safety culture.