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Saulsbury Spirit Award

Congratulations to Chad Higdon

Monday, February 06, 2017/Categories: Community Archives

As a company that strives to carry out our core values in every situation, we are pleased to honor and recognize employees who do the same.

Congratulations to Chad Higdon on receiving our first Saulsbury Spirit Award.

The Saulsbury Spirit Award recognizes employees who perform selfless acts above and beyond normal job expectations and promote a positive image of the company while also demonstrating Saulsbury’s commitment to safety, integrity, and community.

Chad, Project Manager, received the Saulsbury Spirit award for his care and dedication with an elderly couple in need.

This past July, Chad was leaving a restaurant at lunch when he saw a man and woman lying on the ground outside the restaurant, bleeding. Both had fallen, and the man was unable to get up. Chad called an ambulance for the man and got a towel for the woman to help with her minor cuts. After calling the ambulance, Chad waited for over 20 minutes until they arrived and also assisted the EMS with the couple’s medical care. The EMS were not taking the issue as seriously as Chad had hoped, so he stepped in to ensure the couple got the appropriate medical care.

Chad’s concern truly embodies our community value and exemplifies how impactful a simple act of kindness can be to others.