Air Separation Units

Market Segment Overview

Saulsbury and many of the project leaders have extensive experience in the successful engineering and construction of cryogenic systems and specific applications to support the gas processing industry. Working closely with technology providers for Air Separation Units (ASU) and gas processing plants, Saulsbury can support balance of plant engineering/design and all field construction. Our people have strong knowledge of the unique challenges with the construction and field assembly of cold boxes, plate-fin heat exchangers, turboexpanders, compression, and all associated equipment to support the ASU and specialty gas markets. Our experience includes hydrogen plants, oxygen plants, HyCO and syngas, helium, nitrogen, argon, and medical/specialty gases.

Cortez, Colorado

Helium extraction facility

230-MMSCF/year production capacity

Noted as the world’s first facility to produce helium from carbon dioxide stream

Odessa, Texas

Liquid Nitrogen Production Facility

250-tons/day capacity

KEY Personnel Experience

Saulsbury’s key personnel served on the general construction teams completing major ASU projects producing liquid atmospheric gases such as nitrogen and oxygen, in Point Comfort, TX and Adel, GA. Construction consisted of but was not limited to: concreteequipment setting, steel erection, metal building erection, piping and all bulk material purchases, electrical & instrumentation, painting, and insulation.


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