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Industry Overview

Saulsbury offers industry-leading “cradle to grave” support to the design and construction of carbon dioxide (CO2) processing facilities for use in enhanced oil recovery projects. Our project experience covers the entire lifecycle of CO2, from the source field through transportation, injection, and recovery. We are also actively engaged in front end planning on a number of CO2 projects.

Booster Compression - 68,000 HP Installed
Chiller/ Refrigeration System - 125+ Units, 175,000+ HP Installed
CO2 Dehydration - Vast Experience
CO2 Compression - 50+ Units, 200,000+ HP, 1.5BCF Capacity Installed
Production Separators
Liquid Handling/ Slug Catcher
Natural Gas Refrigeration - 125+ Units, 175,000+ HP Installed
Cryogenic Processing - Over 10BCF Installed

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