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Market Segment Overview

Gas compression is one of the foundations of Saulsbury operation expertise. Over the years, we have installed in excess of one million horsepower and over 250 units of turbine, centrifugal, and reciprocating compression packages. Our extensive compression resume extends throughout the oil and gas value chain – from infield booster stations, residue compression at gas processing plants, to mainline compressor stations. Our experience also includes significant CO2 compression for enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

Because of our knowledge and long-standing relationships with equipment packagers, we provide our customers with sophisticated, integrated solutions tailored to individual applications spanning the spectrum of gas inlet streams including varying concentrations of CO2 and H2S.

More Details

Our impressive resume includes a variety of compression applications such as high-horsepower centralized field or processing plant compression and pipeline compressor stations. Our engineering team, skilled craft employees, and project leadership teams are trained to work collaboratively with our clients to exceed project objectives and accelerate their success. Our full turnkey services include:

  • Station facility engineering
  • Civil and mechanical
  • Equipment setting
  • Structural steel fabrication and installation
  • Millwright services
  • Piping fabrication/installation
  • Painting, scaffolding, and insulation
  • Electrical and instrumentation
  • Commissioning support

Gas Turbine Experience

  • Over 800,000 horsepower of installed gas turbines (pumps, compressors, and generators)
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Emissions controls, water injection, COR, and SCR
  • Exhaust stacks
  • Cooling towers
  • Associated auxiliary equipment

Saulsbury’s value to our clients also includes deep relationships with gas compression equipment packagers, including:

  • Solar
  • Siemens
  • GE
  • Dresser Rand
  • Enerflex
  • Exterran
  • UE Compression

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