Cryogenic Gas Plants

Market Segment Overview

As a leader in the midstream market, Saulsbury maintains a reputation for delivering large-scale projects with speed-to-market, operational efficiency, and superior quality in mind. By self-performing virtually all aspects of the balance of plant engineering and design for plant integration, and almost all aspects of construction and installation of the cryogenic gas plants for our projects, Saulsbury is able to control cost and scheduling by minimizing the number of subcontractors on the projects.

More Details

In addition to installation and integration of the cryogenic plant packages into the overall facility design, Saulsbury repeatedly and successfully executes the engineering, design, procurement, and construction of all major balance of plant infrastructure surrounding the core cryogenic processing facilities, including, but not limited to:

  • Residue gas compression
    • Electric-motor driven, gas-engine driven, or gas-turbine driven units
  • NGL product storage and pumping
  • Amine treating and regeneration (if required)
    • Inlet gas or NGL product
  • Gas dehydration and regeneration (if required)
  • Inlet slug catching and condensate stabilization (if required)
  • Inlet gas compression (if required)
  • Critical plant utility systems (flare, instrument air, fuel gas, open/closed drains)
  • Critical plant utility fluid storage and transfer systems
  • Plant electrical systems and distribution
  • Plant instrumentation, analyzers, metering, and control systems

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