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Supporting the future of energy with the strengths of our past.

Industry Overview

Saulsbury has strategically collaborated with a few key partners to offer EPC solutions in the U.S. Renewables market. Our experience, along with that of our partners, spans many renewable sectors including power generation and storage, hydrogen – liquid (green and blue), syngas as well as biomass for biofuels and renewable diesel, wind farms, geothermal, and solar energy facilities. We also provide clean air solutions in environmental (new-build and retrofit) units, carbon capture, and alternative biofuel-related plants.

Whether our clients are looking for feasibility and front-end assistance or to design, build, or expand, we have the knowledge and resources to maximize efficiencies throughout each phase of the project. We help clients determine the optimal technology options, materials of construction, construction methods, and design features to meet their needs with a focused effort to maximize overall project returns.

By keeping a clear focus on the world’s changing energy needs, we can innovate and provide the most effective—and socially responsible—renewable energy project solutions.

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Solar Panels


Saulsbury provides Solar engineering and installation services including behind-the-meter solar power to offset power purchased from the grid which leads to lower OPEX costs. Our solar engineering services and expertise consist of:

  • Front-end Engineering / FEED and AFE support
  • Solar EPC + Retrofit Engineering for Midstream Assets – 1-50 MW sites as “supplemental power solutions”
  • Solar EPC – Large PV Utility projects 50-500MW
  • Microgrid Systems
  • Permitting/Regulatory Guidance
  • Interconnect process experience
  • E/I design and construction
  • Module Selection and Engineering
  • Racking systems and piling design
  • Land clearing/site prep
  • Procurement services – for full project
  • SCADA systems
  • Substation EPC solutions
  • Commissioning Testing and Start-up
Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Saulsbury offers battery storage solutions for stand-alone or supplemental projects, as well as on-site storage for solar and wind power generation.

  • Battery technology selection
  • Permitting and regulatory compliance assistance
  • Micro-grid installations
  • Large scale storage solutions
Gila Bend, AZ Substation


Saulsbury’s history is founded in electrical construction. From decades of experience and evolution, we now provide highly complex E&I engineering, design, and construction services to our clients. From opportunity planning and fully integrated EPC to operational support and upgrades, we will tailor the ideal approach to meet your unique needs.

  • Engineering and design for entire facility power collection, distribution, and substation needs
  • Full engineering and construction services for all electrical and controls/SCADA systems
  • Substations and switchyards
  • Power generation
  • Power distribution systems
  • Switchgear and motor control centers
  • Instrumentation
  • PLC and DCS systems
  • Communications
  • Security and maintenance
  • Automation upgrades
  • Construction
  • Commissioning and startup services


Saulsbury provides solutions to develop customer opportunities associated with landfills, agricultural waste sites, and wastewater treatment plants to facilitate the processing of waste gas.

  • Third-party renewable natural gas industry leaders to offer turnkey solutions
  • Many gas processing projects involve non-typical gas processes (membrane, amine, digesters)
  • Feasibility, front-end engineering design (FEED), and EPC offerings, with our strategic partners
  • Assist with Permitting and Regulatory compliance
  • Full construction services for complete facilities


Saulsbury helps clients evaluate their existing assets to understand potential utilization for hydrogen production.
EPC Services/Expertise

  • Saulsbury has an established partnership with several hydrogen technology specialty firms
  • Hydrogen production EPC – electrolysis involving excess renewable power, SMR, HyCO, hydrogen liquefaction, among other technologies
  • Greenfield Hydrogen purity pipeline and facility construction
  • Mechanical construction of the facility which includes:
    Steam methane reformer

    • Waste recovery
    • Process modules
    • Hydrogen compression packages
  • Retrofit of existing storage caverns for H2
    • New cavern development

Carbon Capture

Saulsbury can support Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Utilization projects where combined or separate opportunities exist.

EPC Carbon Capture Services/Expertise:

  • Saulsbury has an established partnership with third party (FEED and EPC)
  • Carbon Capture and sequestration solutions – technology-neutral
  • Direct air capture facilities EPC partnership
  • Hydrogen and Carbon Capture facility EPC
  • Off-gas capture from existing client operations
  • CO2 injection and disposal well development
  • Methanation process (Converting Syngas to Methane) partnership
  • Assist with permitting and regulatory process

Wind Power Generation

Saulsbury ensures only the most qualified support is brought to each project, including NCCO-certified crane operators and riggers with NCCER certifications. All projects involve key personnel with training in forklift operations, first aid, crane signal, OSHA 10, powerlines, IIF, and SafeLand.

  • New construction/repower
  • Civil work/large foundations
  • Collection systems
  • Turbine foundations
  • Site grading, road engineering, design, and construction—including environmental support and erosion control
  • Tower assembly and erection with industry partners
  • Turbine and blade installations
  • Full project support services – project management, construction management, project controls/reporting, TSA and contract management
  • HV/MV Cabling/electrical construction
  • Down-tower wiring
  • Underground fiber optics
  • Inspection and testing
  • Distribution lines
  • Maintenance (rotor drops, gearboxes, generators, blade replacement/repair, main bearings, and main shafts)
  • Turnkey substations


  • Emissions Reductions Options – FEED and EPC
    • Flare gas capture w/ small scale LNG
    • Flare Gas capture alone
    • Controls Modifications
  • Flare Gas Capture to Liquids

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