Environmental and Renewable

Supporting the future of energy with the strengths of our past.

Solar Panels

Industry Overview

We have capitalized on our expertise to become a leading contractor for the engineering and construction of renewable and environmental project delivery. This experience spans many forms of power generation projects including wind farms, geothermal, solar energy facilities, and hydro plants. We also provide “cleaner air” solutions in environmental (new build and retrofit units) as well as alternative biofuel-related plants.

Whether we’re designing, building, or expanding, we have the knowledge and resources to maximize efficiencies throughout each phase of the project. We help clients determine the optimal site, size, materials, construction methods, and design features to meet their needs with a focused effort to maximize overall project returns. By keeping a clear focus on the world’s changing energy needs, we are able to innovate and provide the most effective—and socially responsible—renewable energy project solutions.

Wind Generation Plant Construction

  • Turbine erection
  • Collection systems
  • Turbine foundations
  • Down tower wiring
  • Underground fiber optic
  • Inspection and testing
  • Distribution lines
  • Turnkey substations and switching yards

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