Condensate Splitter Construction

Project Summary

Saulsbury completed the construction of a 50,000-barrels-per-day grassroots crude oil condensate splitter for a client in Corpus Christi, Texas. The project consisted of installing a 50,000-barrel-per-day process train to produce products suitable for commercial use or as feedstock for further refining from hydrocarbon condensate feedstock. Saulsbury provided construction, limited procurement, startup, and commissioning support for the facility.

Scope of the Project

The scope of the project entailed the procurement, installation, and setting of:

  • Inlet metering and Feed Surge Drum
  • Hot Oil and Fractionator Feed Heaters
  • Preheat Exchange Train
  • Prefractionator and Fractionator Columns
  • Depropanizer
  • Debutanizer
  • Diesel Side Stripper
  • Jet Side Stripper
  • Air Coolers, Tubed Heat Exchangers and Reboilers
  • Vessels

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