Coyanosa, Texas Cryogenic Processing Complex

Project Summary

Saulsbury partnered with a long-time client to fully engineer and construct two cryogenic processing plants at the company’s processing complex near Coyanosa, Texas. Saulsbury completed full engineering and construction of two – 200-MMSCFD cryogenic plants including liquid stabilization, slug catchers, gas treating, and residue gas compression.


Scope of the Project

  • Two – 4,500-HP refrigeration systems
  • Eight – 5,000-HP dual-drive residue compressors
  • Three – 400-GPM amine units
  • Two – 2.5 million-BTU/hr dehydration units (Plant One)
  • One – 3 million-BTU/hr dehydration units (Plant Two)
  • One – 5,000-bbl/day condensate stabilizer
  • One – 10,000-bbl/day condensate stabilizer
  • Three – 2,500-bbl slug catchers


Goals and Achievements

The project was executed in phases by 400 employees working around 1,200,000 hours:

  • Phase 1: Train One gas treating, processing, slug catching, and liquid stabilization
  • Phase 2: Train Two gas treating, processing, and slug catching
  • Phase 3: Additional slug catching and stabilization


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