E&I Construction for Crude Oil Terminal in Wink, Texas

Project Summary

Saulsbury completed the electrical and instrumentation construction for a client’s crude oil terminal in Wink, Texas. Our team performed the installation of raceways, equipment, wiring, terminations, lighting, and instrumentation.

Scope of the Project:

  • Two – Crude tanks​​
  • Two – Power distribution centers (PDC)
  • Meter Skids (two inbound and one outbound)
  • Truck loading
  • Two – 700-horsepower mainline pumps with VFD
  • Three – 200-horsepower booster pumps
  • Two – 350-horsepower main pumps
  • Two – 30-horsepower mixer motors
  • Two – 7.5-horsepower instrument air compressors
  • Two – 50-horsepower LACT charge pumps
  • 400-kilowatt standby generator

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