DCS Upgrade of Borger, Texas Refinery

Project Summary

Saulsbury performed a DCS upgrade of a refinery in Borger, Texas by converting the existing pneumatic control system to a Fisher Provox DCS. The project included field instrumentation installation and hot cutovers.

Goals and Achievements

  • No safety incidents
  • No major plant upsets or shutdowns

Scope of the Project

  • Design of all installation drawings and instrument data sheets
  • Engineer/purchase RIE
  • Process piping modifications including ISO
  • Installation of field instrumentation
  • Control room modifications
  • RIE installation
  • Fiber optic cable installation and terminations
  • Field route cable trays and conduits
  • Installation of new valve operators to existing valves
  • Over 2,600 I/O installed
  • Hot loop cutovers

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