Precipitator Rebuild in Boone County, Kentucky

Project Summary

Saulsbury provided the construction installation services for the rebuild of a client’s hot side electrostatic precipitators (ESP) at a 648-megawatt, single turbine plant in Boone County, Kentucky.

This improvement allowed Saulsbury’s client to safely close its ash basins and significantly decrease emissions.

Scope of the Project

  • Replaced internal collecting plate system
  • Replaced existing weighted wire system with new RY system
  • Modified existing gas distribution devices within ESP inlet ducting
  • Modified existing ash distribution devices within ESP outlet ducting
  • Tie-ins to existing facilities for services
  • Installed new TR sets and rapper system
  • Unloaded and staged ESP internal components
  • Erected and modified monorail system
  • Removed existing electrical gear
  • Installed new electrical gear, cable trays, and power and control wiring
  • Installed penthouse module system
  • Insulated new penthouse modules to attain new hot/cold roof condition
  • Installed new fire protection system extension piping
  • Installed new vacuum piping system extension
  • Installed new gutter and downspout system for penthouse roof drainage


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