Saulsbury Industries achieves 0.0 recordable incident rate for 2019

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In 2019, Saulsbury Industries performed over 6 million work hours with zero recordable incidents.

“Saulsbury is relentless in its commitment to ensuring each employee returns home safely at the end of each day,” said Chat York, President and CEO. “We believe no business objective is worth sacrificing safety.”

For over 50 years, our commitment and approach to safety, “Safety First & Foremost,” demonstrates our proactive safety program that strives for incident and injury-free operations. In 2019, we enhanced this program with an all-new Safety, Security, Health, and Environment (SSH&E) Management Program that included a site-specific safety plan and an emergency action plan specific to each project’s scope of work and geographic location.

In addition to the SSH&E plan, each location continued to hold daily safety meetings and huddle-ups. We also adopted a more robust enforcement of our drug and alcohol policies, including the use of local law enforcement and canine drug detection, as well as a higher percentage of random testing.

It is our vision that our employees set the standard for responsible safety practices across the industry.