Saulsbury Strong: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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By: Dennis Chismar

As we near the end of the second quarter of 2020, our nation and industry are still challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic and its ensuing toll on the oil and gas market worldwide. Like most of our clients and competitors, Saulsbury was given the daunting task of finding work opportunities in an unprecedented and unfavorable climate. With the slowdown in our backlog, we were able to take this time to reconsider our position in the market, our experience, and the transferable capabilities we’ve acquired over the years. If we can build a cryogenic processing plant from the ground up, what’s stopping us from taking on a fertilizer plant?

When I joined Saulsbury in November 2019, the Business Development Team already had a solid plan in place for the imminent drop in the market. Considering that we were heading into an election year and the general nature of our industry, it is not uncommon for companies to be abundantly prepared for a downturn. However, there was no preparing for the impact of COVID-19. We had to get creative.

For the past several years, Saulsbury has been deservedly lauded as a leading EPC contractor in the gas processing industry. We built a wealth of skills, grew a robust and talented team of engineers and construction personnel, and solidified our reputation as one of the safest places to work. This could serve as leverage when bidding for projects outside the oil and gas arena. 

We also reacquainted ourselves with our rich portfolio of diverse experience in every industrial sector. Dozens of our key engineers, project leaders, business leaders, and field construction leaders have built their successful careers in multiple industries and many market sectors. For Saulsbury, the possibilities are endless.

Our goal is to reestablish our presence in other targeted markets within the U.S. industrial realm. By building on the talents of all our key personnel, we will emerge from this crisis a stronger, bolder, and more agile company.

Thank you to our clients and our friends in the industrial community for their continued support. Our tireless efforts, collaboration, and commitment to excellence will prove key in rebuilding the economy and healing our nation. I am optimistic about the future for our company and the people who continue to make Saulsbury an industry leader and great employer.

About Dennis Chismar

Dennis Chismar joined the Saulsbury Executive Leadership Team in 2019 as Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. He possesses over 25 years of experience in the heavy industrial engineering and construction industry.

Prior to joining Saulsbury, Dennis held a variety of leadership positions in the private sector as well as global publicly-traded EPC companies. He functioned as a U.S. vice president and company officer working in various industrial markets including chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, mining and metals, agricultural products, and power generation. Dennis began his career as a process engineer and later project manager. He is an alumnus of the University of Pittsburgh and holds a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering.