Insulation and Scaffolding

Providing expert service for new construction, existing plant maintenance, and critical plant shutdowns or turnarounds

Service Overview

Saulsbury’s insulation and scaffolding group, comprised of diverse and highly-trained personnel, provides services for all U.S. industrial markets.

Our insulation projects are executed using thermal insulation, the most effective technology available for conserving energy, process stabilization, saving money in operations, and protecting the environment, and by supervision experienced in all industrial applications and specialties.

Scaffolding is a safer means of working. It poses fewer risks than powered lifts or ladders and significantly improves safety within elevated situations. Saulsbury’s scaffold experts extend the safety of our projects by ensuring that services are meeting all federal, state, and local regulations and the safety requirements of each facility.

Insulation Services

  • Heat conservation
  • Cryogenic cold service
  • Personnel protection
  • Freeze protection
  • Temperature stabilization

Scaffolding Services

  • Certified scaffold builder labor services
  • Scaffolding material rentals
  • New construction
  • Existing plant modifications
  • Existing plant maintenance activities
  • Plant shutdowns and turnarounds

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