Environmental Retrofit Project in Northeast Texas

Project Summary

Saulsbury was awarded the fabrication, mechanical, and electrical and instrumentation contracts for the environmental retrofit including installation of two air pollution control systems of a client’s 1,650-MW coal-fired power plant in Northeast Texas. The construction team fabricated all ductwork, constructed the facility, and provided overall project supervision and craft labor.

Electrical, mechanical, & Civil Services

Saulsbury provided the labor, supervision, administration, management, tools, installation, and testing equipment required for the following:

  • Structural mechanical baghouse installation
  • Environmental Retrofit
  • ACI/FF/Chimney project
  • On-site ductwork fabrication
  • Ductwork appurtenances—turning vanes, bracing and stiffeners, instrument connections, and probe supports
  • Supply and installation of ductwork insulation

Electrical & Instrumentation Installation

The environmental retrofit for electrical work included all raceways, conduit, wire, termination, grounding, and equipment for the following:

  • Balance of plant
  • Fabric filter
  • Ash handling system
  • All associated DCS, activated carbon injection, CEMS (emissions control), mill inerting, and pre-outage and outage work
  • Compression and dryers

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