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Industry Overview

We have decades of experience in the design and construction of power generation plants and substation facilities. Our expertise includes traditional fossil fuel and natural gas steam generation plants, as well as renewable energy sources such as geothermal, wind farms, and hydro. We have established industry-leading processes to manage project controls and complete all projects on time and within budget.

With the complexity of today’s power and energy climate, our clients require a high level of expertise. We have sound knowledge regarding the environmental and safety sensitivity within power and energy sites during project execution. No matter the power project type or technology and with a commitment to safety, quality, and project execution, Saulsbury has the personnel and resources necessary to develop and deliver efficient, environmentally responsible power projects.

General Construction

Saulsbury has a proven track record of construction within the power industry. Together with innovative thinking and an in-depth understanding of every stage of construction, our experienced project teams strive to deliver the highest quality construction to every power project. Whether performing construction-only projects, leading expansions or retrofits, we provide quality and safe solutions for:

  • Combustion Turbines
    • Simple and Combined Cycle Power Plants
    • Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)
  • Natural gas engine installation
  • Boiler overhauls
  • Balance of Plant utilities and auxiliary equipment upgrades
  • Emissions Controls and Upgrades
    • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and COR Exhaust Stack Installations
    • Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
    • Activated Carbon Injection (ACI)
  • Generator Upgrades
  • ISO Phase Installations (complete, retrofit, and repair)
    • ISO Phase Welding and Equipment Setting
    • Segregated and Non-Segregated Bus Bar System
    • Generator Breaker and Enclosure Installation
  • Control room and blast-resistant buildings
  • Power Control Modules
  • All associated DCS systems
  • SCADA systems
  • Repairs
  • Ductwork and structural steel fabrication
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Mill inerting, pre-outage, and outage work as required

Instrumentation and Systems

Many power facilities are operating with antiquated instruments and control systems. With advancements in technologies creating multiple, better efficiency options, Saulsbury is positioned to serve and enhance any specific electrical & instrumentation or control system upgrade project need. We can perform the FEED study, design, and install a complete control system or retrofit an existing system. We also provide PLC upgrades and/or migrations and perform any instrument evaluation required. Our engineers and project leaders have the capabilities to provide full control systems support from engineering/design, HMI graphics, PLC/DCS programming, SCADA systems, and all field installations including control rooms.

Saulsbury has a long legacy of servicing the electrical & instrumentation needs of clients. We are dedicated to providing the best possible technology and solution. Due to our vast experience working on multiple types of power projects, our instrumentation teams understand the complexities associated with any type of project.


Substations & Switchyards

As part of our incomparable construction services, Saulsbury is fully capable of self-performing the construction and installation of substations and switchyards for the optimum distribution of power to your facility.

Saulsbury’s team of experienced construction professionals provide total on-site project management, construction, and inspection services for new facilities, as well as upgrades for existing facilities.


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