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Market Segment Overview

Our experts in field service construction specialize in building the facilities required by oil and gas exploration and production companies, including the fabrication, construction, and installation of tank batteries.

Our full-service fabrication shops allow us to create fully engineered, modular designs to meet your current and future needs.

Crane County, Texas

Saulsbury was awarded a contract to self-perform all site, civil, mechanical, coating, and electrical and instrumentation work as part of the client’s crude oil gathering project.

Scope of the Project

  • Eight tank battery locations
  • 38 tanks installed
  • Eight inlet lact skids
  • 19 pumps (charge & pipeline)
  • 6,460 linear feet of piping installed

Lenorah, Texas

Scope of the Project

  • 20,000-bbl tank battery and satellite
  • 18 tanks installed
  • 11 prefabricated pipe skids installed
  • Four test vessels installed
  • Two flares installed
  • One separator installed
  • 450 cubic yards of concrete
  • 1,000 pipe supports
  • 19,920 wells inches

Loving, New Mexico

Scope of the Project

  • 10 tanks
  • Four — three-phase separators
  • Three vapor recovery units installed
  • Two water transfer pumps
  • Two air compressors

Eddy County, New Mexico

Scope of the Project

  • Seven — 1,000-bbl tanks
  • Four — three-phase separators
  • One heater treated
  • One 36-inch x 40-feet VRT
  • Two Hy-bon NK 100 vapor recovery units
  • One lact unit
  • Two oil recirculation pumps
  • Two water transfer pumps at the client’s well location in New Mexico


Delaware Basin, New Mexico

This facility is part of its client’s pilot program aimed at evaluating low-emission technologies to serve as a model for future development.

The tank battery installed has a 10,000-bbl capacity.

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